My name is Warren Baird, and I don’t particularly believe that artist’s bios should be in the third person. In some particular order, I am a father, a product manager for a huge software company you’ve probably heard of, and an artist. The ‘father’ part has been taking some time away from the ‘artist’ part, but I’m planning to turn that around.

I grew up in the northern central part of Saskatchewan, in and around Prince Albert, and I think the beauty of the northern shield landscape has had an impact on my art —- certainly a lot of my images incorporate photographs I took while wandering through the forests, lakes and ponds around my parent’s place.

My schooling was in Math: Computer Science and Combinatorics and Optimization to be precise —- I’ve had fundamentally no formal training in art, but I started doing photography about 2000 and shortly thereafter starting trying to combine my photos digitally to create more interesting imagery.

My technique is to digitally blend a series of photos together - at least 3 or 4, sometimes as many as 8 or 10, and then often layer extacts of other images (people or things) into the mix. I guess it could be thought of as a combination of digital multiple exposure and digitial compositing.

Recently I also started creating animated versions of my artwork - and creating ‘live-wallpapers’ for android phones and tablets that involve moving versions of my art. I’ll post some videos here eventually, but you can see the android apps I’ve published here


Recent Photos